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2020 has been a year of ups and downs, especially in the health sector. Health was the critical area affected though other sectors like transportation and finance have also been impacted negatively. The term coronavirus has been all over in the news. Daily, the number of infections is increasing drastically. Similarly, the rate of fatality is on the increase. People all over the globe are doing their best to be vigilant not to contract the virus. Everyone, therefore, has to ensure that the virus is contained and not spreads to others.

Based on research done, it is evident that cancer is another common health issue affecting the globe. Skin cancer, to be specific, is reportedly on the rise. The number of fatalities due to skin cancer is increasingly high. It is essential to examine your health condition and also do screenings frequently. Cancer is easy to treat only if you notice its signs earlier. Skin cancer comes in different forms. There is melanoma which is most feared. If not noticed earlier, it will have an impact on the whole-body parts. However, it is possible to find its remedy if noticed on time.

Dr Tim Ioannides is a world-recognized dermatologist who believes that one of the best approaches to keep yourself safe from the virus is by being well equipped with knowledge. You need to be familiar with some of the signs and symptoms of cancer, early stages, and preventive measures. Tim is on the front line to educate the public about coronavirus and some of the preventive measures.

Tim Ioannides has vast experience in dermatology. Since graduating from medical school, he has worked in several dermatology and cosmetic firms that have played a significant role in equipping him with vast skills and knowledge in dermatology. In most of his talks, he makes it aware to the general public of skin cancer, which is a common type of cancer that has affected several people.