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No one can ever tell where their career will end. A person may begin as an engineer but end up taking another different course, which would eventually become their success story. The same is true for the New York-based securities Attorney, Juan Monteverde. Mr. Juan loved a lot of economic matters. He was very impressed after discovering that financial markets were the key influencers of global economies.

For this reason, he pursued a degree program and graduated with a B.S. in Finance from the Northridge-based California State University. While studying at the institution, Attorney Juan Monteverde used to work part-time at a local law firm. During that time, the firm was representing two individuals in a case involving land disputes. The victory pleased Juan since the landowners won the case against the developers trying to grab their land.

Mr. Monteverde was pleased because he was sure that the firm he was working for saved the landowners a lot of money and other resources. Since then, the renowned securities attorney began working hard towards the realization of his ambitions. So, he decided to join the St. Thomas University Law School to study law. At the University, he maintained a top performance in almost everything he was doing and received many praises from the professors and fellow students.

Attorney Juan Monteverde also served as the president of the official Newspaper at the institution. Besides excellent academic performance, Monteverde possessed impeccable writing skills. Consequently, he got a job at the university as a staff editor. The New York attorney also had the opportunity to work with several non-government agencies and other organizations.

Immediately after graduating from law school, Mr. Juan began exploring the job market. After some time, he secured a job at a local law firm specializing in civil aviation. Monteverde then gradually began shifting his attention to the field of securities. It was apparent the move came from his undying interests in financial issues. The great attorney eventually started his law firm, Monteverde & Associates, which is among the leading law firms in the U.S. today.

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