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Ross LevinsohnFrank Robinson was born and raised in Carbonado, Washington. He developed his interest in helicopters at a tender age after seeing prototype helicopter pictures. Frank grew up focusing his education on helicopter designs, where he graduated from several universities.

In 1957 frank officially started his career in the aviation industry, where he worked with several aviation companies. Having gained enough experience, Robinson decided to start his own aircraft company. In 1973 Robinson Helicopter Company was born, whose main aim was to produce reliable, effective, and the most reliable helicopters possible.

Frank Robinson built his first helicopter, which was the R22 helicopter prototype. It was a two-seat helicopter that was powered by pistons. After finalizing it, he flew it for the first time in 1975. After successful frights and tests, the R22 helicopter received its first-ever FAA certification in 1979, and in the same year, Frank Robinson delivered his first unit. Over the years, the helicopter gained popularity, and most flight schools purchased it.

After several years of success in the helicopter production industry, Robinson Helicopter Company commenced the development of the R44 helicopter. This was a four-seat capacity helicopter, and in 1993 the aircraft got its FAA certification. The helicopter was widely embraced due to its reliability and effectiveness. Its popularity led Frank Robinson to manufacture specialized helicopters for television stations and police.

CEO frank Robinson and the company went an extra mile to produce another advanced helicopter. The production of the R66 helicopter began.R66 was a five-seat helicopter that got its FAA certification in 2010. The helicopter was powered by a gas turbine engine which Rolls Royce Company produced. The helicopter became more popular among many customers since its engine was more effective, durable, and low-cost. Due to this aspect the company received a huge number of orders from all over the globe.

Robinson Helicopter Company has become a top seller in recent years. The company builds helicopters and inspects and tests the aircraft to ensure they meet the required standards. CEO Frank Robinson also advocates for aircraft safety. This led him to introduce aircraft safety courses, where all pilots can enroll.