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The modern time has allowed for historical events to be written as they are happening by journalists like Simon Denyer. Denyer held the role of bureau chief for the Washington Post and Reuters in several nations within the Asian area. While he was the bureau chief in India, he spent time learning about the government for his book Rogue Elephant. The growth of India is important to see how democracy works in the early days and how it is able to grow itself to being a power in the world. This will be a needed text for years to come.

Simon Denyer has been a journalist for years at this point, having been one of the first bureau chiefs for American media after the invasion of Afghanistan. While Denyer was in India with the Washington Post, her wrote the book Rogue Elephant about how the governmental reform allowed people to pull themselves out of poverty. It also talks on how the many reforms caused people to fight the changes, which led to violence against all that was changing. The politicians were gathering power and this was leading to corruption that pushed people further to fighting changes that were unfolding quickly.

Journalists have a way of gaining access to the halls of power, and Simon Denyer learned how to do this over his many years in the industry. He went on to teach how to be a journalist during his time as bureau chief in Japan at two different universities. The extent of his abilities was shown in Rogue Elephant and how he was able to see how the government actually operated. His articles and book allow people to see how people use the power that they are given by the people who vote for them. This is journalism as reported.

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