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Ross Levinsohn

When Ross Levinsohn graduated from American University in 1985, he was eager to hit the ground running with his chosen industry. After he received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, he spent the first several years of his career growing his professional expertise in media technology and sharpening his leadership skills. This was followed by more than three decades of progressively influential and advanced positions at some of the most prominent companies. Now, Maven has hired Levinsohn to lead the company as Chief Executive Officer, and he is the perfect person for the job.

In 1990, Ross Levinsohn earned his first major position when Home Box Office selected him for the position of Director of Production and Marketing. He spent several years with HBO in this significant position before he made the transition to CBS Sportsline to serve as its Vice President of Programming. Levinsohn then moved to Alta Vista to work as General Manager before he took on the prominent position of President at Fox Interactive Media. He spent several years with this company and was behind the wheel of entities like, IGN, and

These are only a few of the opportunities that Ross Levinsohn has had throughout his career to lead major companies and to be responsible for top brands. For example, he also spent time working at Guggenheim Digital Media, Yahoo!, The Boston Consulting Group, Tribune Publishing, Whisper Advisors and other companies. A few of the major brands or entities that these companies controlled were AdWeek, the Los Angeles Times, the Film Expo Group, the Hollywood Reporter, Dick Clark Productions, the Chicago Tribune, the Clio Awards and others.

Now that Ross Levinsohn is standing in the top position at Maven, he continues to be influential and successful. This company is responsible for providing digital services to more than 300 leading brands. Services are provided on a single platform, and they offer back-end support as well as monetization assistance. The brands served include, Maxim, Ski Magazine and many others.