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Ron Gutman is an inventor and entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in the healthcare industry. HealthApp offers virtual primary healthcare services via an innovative telemedicine platform, which connects patients with board-certified physicians.


Also, therapists for live, comprehensive, and confidential virtual visits. Their services are available to any patient with a smartphone, tablet, or computer capable of a 3G or 4G wireless connection. Ron Gutman is a Stanford Graduate School of Business graduate with a master’s in business administration degree (MBA). 


His primary focus was entrepreneurship and innovation. He has worked as an employee and management consultant in different fields, including healthcare and technology. Ron Gutman is a leader and innovator in the digital health industry. He advocates using technology to improve healthcare and expand the availability of quality healthcare for everyone. 


He is a team player and is credited with bringing people together. He listens to people and gives them credit for coming up with great ideas. Ron Gutman is a philanthropist who likes giving back to the community. He has been known to donate a lot of money to organizations that help in charity. 

He is a mentor who has worked with many other companies. He works with different types of people and companies to help them succeed. He is an investor who has an eye for business and technology. Ron Gutman knows how to take small companies and turn them into large ones. He is not afraid to take risks and has succeeded in all his ventures. He has been able to get rid of the work done by others by changing how they run their businesses.