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PosiGen’s mission is to make a difference in communities with solar power giving families access to low cost affordable utilities. They work toward four goals that make a difference. Their goals are attainable and include helping low income communities grow by putting money back into the economy. Another goal is to offer families a cleaner, healthier environment in which to raise their families. Thomas Neyhart points out that they enable their customers to save money on their utilities with more energy efficient solar power, and they offer people of a diverse race good paying jobs. Over 60 percent of PosiGen’s employees are of diverse race and color. 


PosiGen currently has offices in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Louisiana, and Connecticut. They offer free installation, free maintenance, and free monitoring to their customers because they want to help save them money. They also offer low month payments, and their low energy efficient solar panels themselves save customers money each and every month on their utility bill. At PosiGen, Thomas Neyhart also inspects the home, pulls necessary permits, installs your solar panels, and activates the solar powered system. After installation of your solar panels, PosiGen installs a net meter that measures the power that is generated from your solar panels. Your light bill is reduced by how much energy your home uses. 


Customers often see that they are getting a credit on their electric bill because their home is generated by solar rather than electricity. Experienced PosiGen technicians offer you an energy audit to show you where your electricity is actually going. You may be paying for electricity that is escaping through leaks around the windows, doors, or through the floor. This is only one of the many benefits of having PosiGen install energy efficient solar panels on your home. According to Thomas Neyhart, they will seal up those cracks where energy is wasted, they will inspect your home for areas where they may be mold and mildew and eliminate these harmful toxins so you and your family can breathe clean, healthy air, and you can rest easy knowing the value of your home has increased.

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