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The Arlington, Virginia-based non-profit advocacy group NumbersUSA Action established by Roy Beck, seeks to regulate the numbers of immigrants entering the USA annually. With over five million partakers in all congressional groups, the organization seeks to edify legislators on immigration issues, urging them to advocate for policies that protect the rights of all Americans, native, and naturalized with equal measure.

Unregulated immigration into the USA greatly influences the reduction and depletion of resources and consequent over-stretching of the government expenditure. NumbersUSA activism aims at protecting the fundamental civil freedoms and rights to access good wages, freedoms provisioned within the law, and sustainable quality life and conducive environment.

Under Roy Beck, the foundation aims at addressing contentious issues with immense effects on Americans. NumbersUSA argues that unregulated immigration in America has caused increased unemployment. Despite there being no specialized skills required to take up specific jobs, employers increasingly give up jobs that Americans could do to foreigners.

In addition, the advocacy group further alludes that unfettered immigration has subsequently increased the American population. Uncontrolled immigration has further dwindled natural habitats and agricultural land to provide adequate transport, accommodation, education, and workplaces and waste management areas for the millions of immigrants in America.

The pro-immigration foundation has instituted interactive educational resources and web-based tools in social media platforms to create awareness to the general public. The organization has also partnered with institutions such as colleges, news media, and religious establishments by allowing the NumbersUSA staff to educate individuals through their platforms. Visit this page to learn more.

However, in its provisions, the foundation seeks to champion for permanent immigration of intercontinental acknowledged refugees with special needs whose underlying conditions do not favor their return to native countries. The organization also provides for sustained permanency in the immigration of naturalized citizens. It also advocates for immigrants with a unique set of skills that greatly benefit the nation.


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