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John Ritenour is well-known for being extremely careful and adding value to the business. The businessman was born and bred in a small town in Pennsylvania. He delved into the professional workforce via employment in a local steel mill. Driven by motivation, the businessman worked hard to carve a stellar reputation. Starting as a door-to-door salesman, he leveraged his hard work ethic and a deep-seated passion for rising through the ranks and carving a niche as the company’s top producer. In 1988, John Ritenour leveraged his effectiveness to initiate the Insurance Office of America. From the start, the private insurance firm was initiated to offer something different. The company was developed on hard work to bring forth top-notch deals within the insurance industry.

Over the years, IOA has witnessed steady growth and continued success. John Ritenour started a business with the potential of awarding individuals with a hard work ethic. Today, the insurance company encompasses about 1300 team members and over 60 offices worldwide. The exponential growth of the insurance company is primarily attributed to the businessman’s deep understanding of the insurance ecosystem. In addition to providing his sales team unlimited opportunities, John Ritenour uncovered the potentiality of promoting inclusion and diversity within IOA.

The businessman has achieved professional success by being respectful, a partner, ethical, and never giving up. Of course, this positive attitude has seen IOA carve a solid reputation and experience more substantial creativity and higher productivity. John Ritenour’s unique way of thinking has helped IOA put forward innovative solutions. Insurance Office of America leverages its capacity and technology to unlock viable opportunities in the business insurance industry. The sports division is one key niche field where the company boasts working with reputed organizations. Furthermore, the businessman flaunts launching a charitable organization to nurture vulnerable children through literacy and financial empowerment.

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