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Jason Hughes earned his degree in business administration from Pepperdine University. He went on to receive his master’s degree from the University of San Diego. He has also taken part in numerous programs from Harvard University, UCLA, and UCSD. Jason Hughes has shared his expertise on various television programs and he is featured in numerous publications. Jason Hughes began his career at Cushman & Wakefield in the 1980s. This company is located in the Century City portion of Los Angeles. 


Jason Hughes then went on to become both the owner and CEO of Hughes Marina. Hughes Marina is both a buyer and tenant representation company. Although originally located in San Diego, they now have offices all over the nation. With Hughes Marina, both Jason and his wife Shay, work hard to provide stellar customer service. Therefore, Jason Hughes and Shay are known as leaders in their field. They are involved in sale and leasing transactions for municipal, non-profit, and corporate clients in the project management of various properties. He has been involved in this type of business for close to thirty years. 


Jason has not only been involved in various legislations that have increased both the transparency and fairness for tenants in California, but he has also been involved in both the leasing and the purchasing of millions of square feet in various properties. His experience in project management has involved everything from high-end leases to the negotiations of planning and design for different properties.  Hughes Marino provides both project and property management that offers transactions with complete transparency and no conflict of interest between related parties. According to Jason Hughes, they offer everything for their clients, including the building, leasing, and buying of properties. They also offer services such as sale-leasebacks, advisory services for both the buyer and the tenant, as well as project management both during and after construction. They are an efficient option for anyone involved in any type of property transaction since they can handle issues at any level.

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