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Jason Hope

After thorough research, Jason Hope has concluded that that aging, the natural and biological process that has given scientists and experts a hard time, can be stopped in various ways. There are very natural and safe ways of dealing with aging for all people. Having a nutritious diet every day, living a stress-free life, and creating a workout routine is an amazing place for everyone to get started. When these ideas are followed every day, it’s possible to delay the aging process for a while. In the end, however, aging will still occur for more people. With everyday activities, people get stressed even when they do not want to. Getting a healthy diet all the time becomes a challenge for people who have to work for many hours a day.

The available diets in the market have animal products and several plant species that play a part in slowing aging. People are, however, not keen when selecting their diets. In developed countries, anti-aging is becoming a common topic. A medical research about this area is proving to be a challenging activity because no answers have been given to the public. Jason Hope defines aging as the biological process of becoming older. Jason Hope’s explanations have been clear about aging. The process involves the numerous cells found in the human body. Few solutions have been brought up by Jason Hope about aging. Through SENS Foundation, a platform that specializes in medical research, so many things have been discovered about slowing aging and avoiding common diseases that come to the elderly. Removing senescent cells in the body is among the ways discovered by the SENS Foundation. These cells play the biggest role in the aging of living beings. A study carried out on mice shows that removing their senescent cells twice every week extends the lifespan by over twenty five percent.