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Since 1988, IOA has been in the insurance business meeting the community demands accordingly. John Ritenour and Valli were the partnering founders of IOA, a company that ranks among the fastest advancing insurance businesses in America.

John passed on the leadership to Heath Ritenour who is the current CEO and chairperson. The Insurance Journal ranks IOA 11th in the 50 best performing insurance companies, therefore, evaluating its exploits is worth it.

Any venture’s telecommunications crew determines the success rate, more so in a world driven by digital transitions. Lately, IOA was buzzing with Stephanie Brewer’s capture to take charge of the telecommunications team. Stephanie was the director of compliance as well as telecoms safety. Brewer was a treasured part of this telecom sector because she brought onboard exclusive exposure stretching for 14 years.

After working with several telecommunication construction agencies to focus on compliance and risk, Stephanie is a perfect inclusion to the crew because she purposes to help colleagues and customers in training, safety, operational efficacies, and compliance coaching.

Bruce Eades, the IOA president as well as a leader of USA Telecom Insurance Services supervises the entire region as direct by Heath Ritenour. Bruce praised Stephanie’s inclusion effusively claiming that she brings in extensive zeal and history for the customers, and is so a perfect fit for IOA.

Stephanie will be focusing to achieve her commitment to better sector compliance and safety. Bruce Eades said that the insurance venture is hopeful that Brewer will apply her extensive know-how of risk management, safety compliance, contract compliance among other things.

On top of Brewer’s industry exposure, Stephanie is also the chairperson in charge of TIRAP’s advisory board. She has also had spells at NWSATF as well as WEMC. Heath Ritenour also added Jeffrey Moxley to realize more growth in the future by having a presence in Tallahassee.