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The game called life has dramatically contributed to the success of Greg Blatt. Blatt has tested every part of life working in different companies and positions in the United States. After years of struggling to shape his future, Blatt is the managing director of the two major internet dating sites in the United States.

While working in different positions across the industries, Greg Blatt managed to acquire good work ethics and immense skills. Even though he might seem to be more of a lucky individual, his ken ability to trust various things has greatly contributed to his success. This has also earned him an opportunity to serve in any position across the industries. Greg Blatt was born in a standard family located in Boston. His father greatly contributed to Blatt’s development by sharing his words of wisdom and his ability to describe anything being nicknamed as a mad genius.

Blatt is a former student of Colgate University, where he studied and acquired an undergraduate degree. Besides, he never imagined becoming an executive and live that kind of life. Upon graduating, he dedicated his time from one place to another and abandoned his career trajectory. Greg Blatt reached a point of doing odd jobs such as painting houses to earn a living. He later applied for a position in the law school located in Columbia.

He earned the opportunity and earned a law degree from the university. He ventured into the corporate law working in the New York. He later joined the entertainment law where he met Martha Stewart, who employed him in her firm as the general counsel. Five years down the line, he joined IAC, where he was later made the managing director of the entire firm.

Greg Blatt has made a significant impact on various businesses and companies, serving as an executive. He is also among the executives in the technology industry. See related link to learn more.


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