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Most schools focus on students making the highest grade possible.

The academy world believes in students getting high marks for continuing education at universities.

These schools may lose sight of what is important other than metrics.

Schools forget that there are other skills to be learned, such as developing character, communication with others, working together, and determination.

Young people must learn these skills to find a more rewarding life and to build better relationships.

Gordonstoun School does not rely upon educational models spent only on making high grades.

Gordonstoun believes in combining academic lessons with a more outdoor approach that helps students in other areas like social skills, maturity, and awareness of other cultures.

Gordonstoun helps its students in lessons that cater to building character.

Its courses range from dialogue, social skills, learning about sailing, hiking into the Scottish wilderness, and services that help the community.

Students gained something besides the usual academic skills.

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Teachers at Gordonstoun do not spend their time in a typical classroom teaching lessons but take the class outdoors.

Students can experience outside, and many students have even attended trips from Scotland’s West Coast while others have gone as far as Svalbard.

Students who enter a yacht find themselves getting a greeting by the captain telling them this will be one of their classrooms.

The students learn new skills that are different from viewing a whiteboard.

They undertake how to work together and face problems that lead them to understand how much more they are capable of while on this adventure.

Gordonstoun’s lessons include students being a part of the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Known as the world-leading achievement award, the Duke of Edinburgh award offers students challenges while working as a team or as an individual.

These students don’t compete but learn to keep pushing while taking on challenges that encourage growth and developing confidence.