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Georgette Mulheir, the co-founder of Defend Haiti’s Democracy, a non-profit organization, is a renowned global strategic advisor and a children’s human rights activist. Her much-admired career traces back to her humble background during her teenage years. She actively participated in numerous social justice campaigns, including the Anti-Apartheid Movement, the environment movement, refugee support, and Amnesty International human rights initiatives. Professionally, Georgette Mulheir´s career began in Northern England as a social worker. Through her experience with foster care, she understood that residential care could adversely impact children.


Unfortunately, this increases their susceptibility to abuse and trafficking. Moreover, she also spent some years in Bucharest in one of Romania’s biggest baby orphanages. It was during this time that she understood the need for developing family-based care. For the next decade, Georgette Mulheir led transformative child care programs in Belarus, Albania and Belarus. It led to developing a child care approach in Russia, Japan, Colombia, and Haiti. Georgette has had a tremendous impact on the lives of the most vulnerable families and children globally. 


In 2003, human rights defender Georgette Mulheir was part of the UNICEF organization and Sudanese government team that helped address a humanitarian crisis in Khartoum State. Together with her team, the activist structured a system for recruiting local adoptive and emergency foster families. Furthermore, Georgette Mulheir collaborated with liberal Islamic scholars to reinterpret Sharia Law. The outcome was that it was no longer illegal for Sudanese women to be single mothers, ultimately saving tens of thousands of lives. The Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award is evidence of Georgette Mulheir’s input.