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Scott DylanScott’s business development helped companies to formulate clear business plans and identify opportunities for growth. He helped firms to identify synergies within the group and to develop and implement a clear strategy. Scott Dylan’s job, being the Founder and Partner of Fresh Thinking Group, has helped the private equity industry grow into an industry with hundreds of billions of dollars to invest. Prior to founding his company, Scott worked in corporate finance and M&A. His overall impression of private equity was that the strategy, planning, and growth of businesses cannot be seen without taking their culture into consideration.

Scott Dylan (Fresh Thinking Group) begins with the goal of helping the owner to build a great business, and that is accomplished through the development of one-to-one relationship between the business owner and their employees. He goes through strategies for using human resources to build an enjoyable business environment. The session will also cover how to motivate and develop your team to produce the best results for the company. There will be a comprehensive look at recruitment, succession planning, hiring and retaining the best people for the business. After learning all about what makes a successful business, Scott (Fresh Thinking Group) will walk you through key elements to follow in order to ensure your next endeavor is the best one you can possibly make.

Scott Dylan has successfully established and built multi-million dollar companies in the field of digital marketing, web development, e-commerce, and data analytics. When not reading academic journals, presenting at conferences, or reading an industry publication, he likes to keep himself up-to-date with the current trends in his field and share his ideas on business planning, strategic vision, and best practices.

Fresh Thinking Group (a part of Fresh Thinking Communications) is a specialist M&A, special situations, and turnaround consultancy. The company has been assisting businesses that are close to achieving their potential since 1997. Fresh Thinking, named company of the year in 2009, aims to help companies transform their fortunes and achieve their goals through the innovative use of strategies, technology, and our proven hands-on approach. Scott Dylan: Our growing network of executives and advisors connects with companies in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Australia, and the United States.

Prior to founding Fresh Thinking, Scott held roles at DDB, Aldermore, the Aspire Group, United Business Media, NetJets, PA Consulting Group, and Norton Rose Fulbright.