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A facelift is a great confidence booster. It dramatically improves aging signs in the face and neck. Aging shows up in the face by wrinkles developing in the forehead, around the mouth, eyes, and nose. Aging signs will also include relaxation of facial skin, which causes drooping in the whole face and jowls in the jawline and around the cheeks.

A facelift is where the cosmetic surgeon will tighten loose skin surgically, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, jowls, and deep folds in the face. A facelift may involve fat injections or fat fillers which replace fatty volume in the face that may have reduced over time. When fat volume reduces, it increases the signs of aging. The result of fat fillers is plumper and healthier-looking skin, which creates a smooth surface.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an experienced cosmetic surgeon and will advise on other surgeries he may carry out with a facelift for best results. A brow lift, for example, will improve the results of facial cosmetic surgery. Based on the patient’s desired outcome, Dr. Rohrich will carry out the best combination of treatments. A facelift is a minimally invasive surgery with a short recovery time of six weeks, and the results last for more than ten years.