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Doug HaynesDoug Haynes is the council president and a private and public top executive’s advisor. He served as Point72’s Asset Management president, where he oversaw the firm’s hedge fund business. Previously Doug was at McKinsey & Company, serving as Northeast Region of the US and the global Operations practice senior partner. He attended West Virginia University, where he graduated in mechanical engineering. Doug was also a Shermet scholar at the Darden Graduate School of Business. He is the former dean of business at West Virginia University.

Doug Haynes has an experience of more than 20 years in consulting and investment management. He worked at the Central Intelligence Agency, developing software and as a design engineer. At GE Plastics, he was a marketing professional. His experience also includes coal, energy, and oil. As a private equity manager, he was the managing partner of Haynes Private Equity LLC.

His expertise at McKinsey aided in building the firm’s high-tech and basic materials operations. He also developed and executed a strategy that led the company to greater profitability. He served in the company for 22 years before he retired, where he also led the Northeast Region. During his four years as an asset manager at Point72 Asset Management, he outperformed his business peers.

He is a founding board member for a non-profit organization, The Center for Global Enterprise that promotes global leadership business. As a philanthropist, he supports the less privileged communities by giving donations. He also supports and values education by encouraging the young ones to pursue a university education. Doug Haynes sits on the Cohen Veteran’s Network board of directors. He currently serves as the board Director for a private equity firm and a non-profit organization.

He was a board member at the Robin Hood Foundation and supported the organization’s mission. Giving back to the community is a significant aspect of his personality.