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Entertainment veteran Chip Rosenbloom (best known for films such as both of the Shiloh movies, Across the Tracks, and Fuel) blows audiences away in his meticulously modern twist on the cowboy classic “Bronco Billy.” The story of “Bronco Billy” follows a cowboy named Billy who is finding it difficult to keep his traveling Wild West show up and running in the present day. Chip co-wrote the musical’s score alongside renowned songwriter John Torres. These two excellent artists, alongside many others, created a masterpiece of both classic and contemporary combined. Continuing with the familiar, essential elements from the 1980 Western film starring Clint Eastwood, “Bronco Billy – The Musical” maintains a similar compelling romantic storyline. Right off the bat, we find Billy stumbling upon a Manhattan woman running away from it all, Antoinette Lily. He makes the decision to hire Antoinette as his new assistant, having absolutely no idea that she is in fact the billion-dollar beneficiary of a chocolate bar fortune. A media reviewer with “Stage and Cinema” cites the Rosenbloom masterpiece as being “wholly original,” going on to share that the musical is also “The American West, The American Dream, and The American Experience rolled into a rollicking musical comedy” – a review that would undeniably make Clint Eastwood himself proud to be a part of Bronco Billy’s history, right alongside Chip Rosenbloom. The musical adaptation of this classic American western is inarguably a legacy in and of itself and will be a continuously impressive addition to Rosenbloom’s already long list of accomplishments in the entertainment industry.