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Caribou Caribou is a mobile application that aims to make the hiring process more transparent for car owners and drivers. By doing this, they can improve trust between drivers and companies in an industry marred by fraud. The company was first started when co-founders Neil Kinson and Jonny Goldstone tried to find a job in the local market. They found that to get a job, they had to drive for an existing company. This could mean driving for Uber or even more companies at once.

Some of these larger companies are known for opaque practices and unfair treatment of drivers. The heavy competition between drivers means that people will often take desperate measures to earn more money. These drivers are making the system very unfair for both consumers and companies.

To resolve some of these issues, the company has created an app that will help connect car owners with people who want to lease their vehicles. This is all done through a simple app and can be used by anyone anywhere in the country. The company uses artificial intelligence to keep track of the available vehicles and notify drivers when their lease is up. The app also does maintenance checks on the vehicle every time a driver uses it, increasing customer satisfaction.

The company has been very successful with partners like Jaguar, BMW, Nissan, Land Rover, and many more. They are currently offering free trials for new users and are expected to launch in 10 new cities this year. They have been featured on several popular sites, including the Daily Mail, Huffington Post, and the Evening Standard.

Caribou was started in 2014 as a joint effort between the co-founders Neil Kinson (CEO) and Jonny Goldstone (COO). The pair previously worked together at a venture capital firm named Elevation Partners. While working with the firm, they got the idea for Caribou while having drinks with friends on a patio in San Francisco. The company already has 8 employees and is looking to expand further as it grows more popular. The company has yet to make any outside fundraising efforts but will likely do so once established and more profitable.


The Caribou app is currently only available in London, San Francisco, and Vancouver, but the company is expanding it across the country. They provide a free trial for potential users who want to try out their service. Users can request a free trial by clicking the button below.