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Healthy Living for the Long Haul: Beachbody’s Amazingly Durable Wellness Plans

Carl DaikelerFor sure, fitness fads come and go. Crash diets and daunting workout routines have long littered the marketplace. If you ever tried one of them, chances are you’d soon abandon it, and all of your progress would quickly be lost. And it wouldn’t be your fault at all. Diets and exercise regimes shouldn’t be punishing.

That’s why Carl Daikeler designed Beachbody as an enduring wellness solution. It addresses the whole person. It provides a sense of community on the internet. Above all, it’s easy to stick to.

In fact, Carl knows all about avoiding healthy foods and exercise. Well into adulthood, he favored unwholesome meals and snacks. And, for many years, he detested working out.

However, this 1986 Ithaca College grad set out to change this attitude — for himself and for many other people.

Carl’s first foray into fitness came in the mid-1990s. Realizing he desired workouts that were short and punchy, he released a series of brief exercise videos that became massive hits.

In 1998, Carl was ready to create a more holistic approach to wellness. He founded Beachbody with entrepreneur Jon Congdon, a company based in Santa Monica. It would guide its clients toward an exciting and fit lifestyle. And, over the years, it kept adding superior products and services.

These days, the brand supplies an array of delicious nutritional supplements, including the Shakeology shakes. Each Shakeology drink eases food cravings while delivering a unique and extremely potent blend of nutrients.


For their part, the company’s many digital workouts are electrifying and satisfying. No matter your fitness level, you can find a program with exercises that you’ll enjoy doing. All the while, you’ll be connected to an online coach who can give you expert advice and thoughtful assistance.

In the end, if you love doing something, you’ll want to do it for as long as you can. And the time you spend doing it will fly by. Thanks to Carl Daikeler’s engaging and winning outlook on wellness, millions of people now have a fitness program they love.