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Tom Keane is the Corporate Vice President at Mission Engineering, Microsoft Azure where he leads the Cloud division and helps ensure enterprise customers adopt the Azure platform. He has a wide range of experience in software development and application design, including building solutions for Oracle, PwC, and Citibank. Before joining Microsoft, Tom worked as a Senior Technical Manager for Oracle Corporation for 4 years. 


He led teams of developers that were responsible for developing programs that went on to be used by hundreds of thousands of employees around the world. He is a frequent speaker at technical conferences, including Oracle OpenWorld, AllDay DevSummit, and several User Groups around the world.


  1. Tom Keane: Harnessing Data Anywhere For Learning Everywhere


Harnessing data on any website is a crucial component to building a strong experience for the students on your online learning platform. Back in October at the Oracle Code 2017 conference, Mission Engineering unveiled the ability to extract data on any website and make it actionable in the classroom. 


Tom Keane on Cybersecurity

I’d like to give you a quick demo of how this works and discuss some of the lessons we learned that will help you harness data anywhere for learning everywhere. Azure provides software tools to harness that data and make it actionable for the students in your classroom. 


  1. Tom Keane: Modernizing Application Development For Speed To Mission


No matter what industry you’re in, your organization has a mission to accomplish. Whether that’s submitting claims, processing payments, syncing data between systems or something else entirely. And when your operation depends on information technology (IT), modernization is the key to speed and agility. In this session about Tom Keane, we will learn about the modern tools that Microsoft has built for application development and how it helps organizations modernize their approach to IT for speed and agility at the mission.