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Based in Arlington Virginia, NumbersUSA is a non-profit organization that aims to regulate the traffic of immigrants in the U.S annually. The organization advises the policymakers, opinion leaders, and strategists on matters about immigration and how important it remains to safeguard the interests of all Americans. Resources should benefit Americans first.

They’re an offshoot of the FAIRO or the “Federation of American Immigration Reform Organizations”; which was founded in 1982 to represent the interests of citizens who believed in individual freedom and opposed mass-unlimited immigration.

According to NumbersUSA, the exponential rise of immigrants has led to a strain of natural resources. Significant percentages of vulnerable Americans are losing out on employment opportunities, good quality of life, individual freedom, and access to adequate the needful resources.

The immigration-reduction organization has over five million members whose role is to influence the public officials to support the policies that safeguard the interests of Americans in terms of immigration patterns that have arbitrarily enlarged the U.S population.

NumbersUSA resonates along with the views of two national commissions that proposed the reduction of immigration intensities by half a million. That was way back in 1996; advocate Barbara Jordan chaired the commission. On another level, President Bill Clinton through the national commission sought to reduce the immigrant traffic more than what the immigration reforms had recommended. The cause of contention was limited resources and economic needs.

The immigration organization can tolerate “continual permanent immigration” in the case where the immigrants have a nuclear family (spouse or minor children) in the U.S, if they are total refugees and lack probabilities of settling in their home countries, or if they have striking talents and abilities that work to the interest of U.S.

The group aims to eliminate illegal immigrants and proposes an automated tracking system that signals the government whenever someone violates their visa to illegal visitors. There should be no access of immigrants through “chain migration, visa lottery or permission of immigrants with ordinary skills that American natives possess. See this article for additional information.


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