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The world has used technology to protect itself against Covid-19 global pandemic. Many of our daily activities have become virtual, work, school, even concerts. Devices that were once used in past times have now become lifelines to the outside world. Virtually all areas of daily life come with some screen time and an immediate impact on eye overall health and digital eye strain (Caredash). 


While the devices are meant to keep us safe from Covid-19, it is important to realize that using technology can strain our eyes. As we use technology to distance ourselves from the risk of contracting the virus, we must consider how and when we should distance ourselves from technology for our eye health. Tom S Chang MD is bringing awareness to digital eye strain, a term used to describe conditions that occur for overuse of technological devices. While digital eye strain was a growing concern before the pandemic, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need and reliance on technology. 


More people are spending large amounts of time in front of some type of digital screen, and the medical community would like for people to realize that there is a danger in this. Tom S Chang MD recommends taking breaks from devices and creating a designated space for your digital items to prevent overuse. Tom S Chang MD also suggests not using these devices close to bedtime. Shutting off the devices before going to sleep will reduce strain on the eyes. Many people do not choose the amount of time they spend in front of a digital screen. Those who work or learn remotely from home should invest in a pair of blue light lenses. 

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