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With more than 40 years in real estate, Stephen Bittel has continued to make a name for himself. As Terranova Corporation chairman and founder, Bittel has managed to take the business to new heights throughout South Florida. Not only that, but Terranova has also played the role of agent and managed billions of dollars’ worth of projects in the financial sector such as Bank of America, New Yok Life, and Morgan Stanley.

The Terranova Corporation got its start while Bittel was enrolled in law school and stated from the ground up from his home. Even though Bittel went on to complete his law degree, he maintained his efforts with Terranova in mind. At first, Bittel began with a partnership that maintained property on a commercial level. After, Terranova was able to grow to a location with millions of square feet that involved the wok of many shopping facilities, storage units, commercial buildings, and dozens of industrial offices.

Terranova continues to expand and with this growth the company is expected to maintain its strategy as it moves toward many new retail facilities that were once a big part of a central area that many could walk to while all of the markets showed living changes. Having facilities in well-known areas of Miami Beach, Bittel and his Terranova continue to work hard all throughout the retail sector to continue to bring good things to life for their customers and develop new ideas as they arise.

Bittel’s Background Bio

Being a Miami native, Bittel is familiar with Miami Beach and the surrounding areas. A graduate of Bowdoin College, in Maine, Bittel obtained his undergaduate in economics. Following his graduation Bittel went off studying though a Watson Fellowship, where after completion came back to Miami and enrolled at the University of Miami law school.

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