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QNET is not a scam, despite many accusations that QNET is a scam. It’s okay to be kind of provocative with your article, you’re allowed to go into detail about scams but keep the focus on underlining why QNET is a legit business opportunity for those that are willing to give it a try.

QNET scam claim:QNET is a pyramid scheme and will not offer you any help.

QNET answer: Each of the three QNET levels will have different features from each other, making it possible for them to provide any one of the three business models. A business can start with QNET’s affiliate program, at which time the person must have already created a website having good content, at least one in each of the following categories: “home (garden)”, “health”, “beauty”, “food”, “exchange” or shopping . The affiliate program also allows to earn more in monthly income than only from advertising alone, as well as to receive support from both Q-net company and partners.

QNET scam claim:QNET doesn’t pay in time.

QNET answer: All its payouts are made on schedule, and can be tracked online at all times. Each affiliate earns a commission of up to $30-35 per sale plus bonuses (depending on the product purchased), which is paid in full and on time after making a sale. The company also provides strong customer support and pays commissions within 7-14 days of purchase at once, or in 4 installments over the next 10 months.

QNET scam claim: QNET has been suspended by authorities due to fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. QNET answer: QNET has been business for over 17 years, and was not suspended. The company’s websites and products are as usual.

QNET scam claim: QNET is a scam because it invests in others, so that even if they don’t sell anything, they earn money from other affiliates’ efforts.

QNET answer: In fact, QNET gives you an opportunity to either be an affiliate or to work at different levels of this company. This means that you can decide the first level of your business strategy – either start as an affiliate (therefore begin share your product links with other people) or start as a downline builder (therefore begin to build your own downline and train them).

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