The Giving Side of Aloha Construction

Just the other day, Aloha Construction did the unthinkable. They decided to work hand in hand with Learning Express Toys to help children from the local area. This partnership will see the two firms help the needy children go on a shopping spree. However, the children in this event had been selected from a charity organization known as Omni –Youth Services that is geared on educating children from poor backgrounds. This charity also focuses on helping young adults as well as adolescents. The event had been organized by The Dave Farbarky Foundation which is the branch of Aloha Construction that focuses on giving back to the society. This foundation was established by David Farbaky several years ago.


Some of the causes that the organization focuses on include treatment of cancer as well as Spine Bifida Occulta that has affected thousands of Americans. Aloha Construction said that they realized that all that children need at times are just a few toys. Aloha Construction, therefore, decided to partner with Omni-Youth Center to select the needy families. The spree was referred to as the Constructing Childhood Memories: Shopping Spree. This event started on 16th August. The selected girls were guided through the process by Rick Derr. The girls were Ifra, Kuna, Azka and Anoosheh. For a period of 60 seconds, these children were offered an opportunity to grab everything they needed from the store.


The children rushed through the store as other children shouted. Those present noted that as the shouting intensified, the more fun it was. Aloha Construction specialize\s with numerous services such as door installation, cedar siding and gutter installation. They also specialize in other services such as Soffit repair, Siding installation as well as window installation. Other services that Aloha Construction is good at include roof waterproofing and stucco installation. They have a reputation for offering the best to their clients