Making the right food for the right market is key for balance at the OSI Group

The OSI Group is driven by the need for expansion. The super-producer of food stuffs is active in nearly 20 markets across the globe. The Spain division of OSI Food Solutions recently increased OSI production capacities of its beef and chicken products. Extension efforts in the European region are an attempt to meet growing demand. Added production lines create new jobs, and diversify the product portfolio according to research and development.The 110 year old food processing giant operates out of Aurora, Illinois. Founded in 1909, the the OSI Group recorded revenue in the billions, and is the 63rd largest private company according to Forbes.

The company distributes fish, poultry, pizza, bacon, vegetable products, and more. The corporate processor employs 20,000 people with a wide range of skills and responsibilities. OSI manages 65 facilities internationally, and an executive leadership is prioritizing growth as a tactic for continued success in business. Equally important to the company are quality and safety protocols. Establishing standards for expansive yet targeted production protects both company and employee.The global food processor and provider couldn’t thrive without the communities in which they are located. Making personal connections, and encouraging mutually beneficial relationships contribute to enhance value internally as well as externally.

For the OSI Group, the results aren’t just measured in dollars, but also impersonal involvement. The firm gives time and money to non-for-profits including the Ronald McDonald House, and Feeding America.In 2016, the OSI Group completed the acquisition of Baho Food; taking a controlling stake in the subsidiary holder. At the time of the deal’s closing, Baho Food served 18 European countries. That same year, OSI acquired Flagship Europe- a frozen food and a condiment specialist. The company finalized the purchase of a manufacturing plant on the southside of Chicago. When it comes to service in food and related retail channels, the midwest-based giant is at the top of its game.