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Steve Hutensky is the co-founder and chief operating officer for Made-Up Stories, where he creates and runs their day-to-day operations. He started entrepreneurship at the age of 12 by creating a lemonade stand with his brother, who is now an orthodontist. He attended the University of Michigan and worked as a freelance journalist and Editorial Assistant throughout college.

Steve later moved to New York City, where he found himself working as a copywriter for various companies. He then moved to Los Angeles, where he worked at Reel Interactive, an interactive TV studio focused on creating stories integrated with television programming. Comcast acquired the company in 2005, and Hutensky began to work there full-time.

He works with SK Films – one of Hollywood’s premier production companies- on their short films and features films in Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, Canada, Toronto, Canada, Atlanta, USA and Istanbul, Turkey. On the side, he also consults for high-profile projects for such companies as Turner Broadcasting Company (TBS), the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and various independent producers.

In 2010 Steve Hutensky and his friend Steven J. Wolfe rented out a small office space in the Arts District of downtown Los Angeles. They also hired writer Luke Gartner and producer Taylor Moore, and together they started Made Up Stories. SK Films directed the short film for their first project, “The VampvFilm Festival, that year. See related link for additional information.

Steve wants Made Up to be a growing, healthy and strong company that is always improving. He also wants to continue helping other writers and directors get recognized for their work. Steve Hutensky has been a part of the indie community in Los Angeles for many years, and he loves helping filmmakers who are already established from coast-to-coast who come to LA to try their hardest at breaking into the industry but still have a long uphill battle.


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