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Ross LevinsohnThe year of 2020 was difficult for everyone. People struggled to cope, and many companies faced financial hardships. However, one company that used 2020 to look to a brighter future was Maven. In the summer of 2020, Maven announced that it had hired Ross Levinsohn as CEO.

This hire was particularly newsworthy because of the nature of Maven as a company and the reality of who Ross Levinsohn was as a leader. Maven is a large media brand with a number of popular properties. Levinsohn, by contrast, is an experienced business leader with an impressive understanding of digital engagement in media. In other words, it was the perfect match.

Just consider the resume Ross Levinsohn brought to the job. He has been working with digital media since the concept first started in the 1990s. His first taste of it was with CBS Sportsline. At CBS Sportsline, Levinsohn was the Vice President, and he played a critical role in helping the company get started in the digital realm.

It was a new concept, but Levinsohn took to it immediately. After leaving CBS Sportsline, he quickly pursued other opportunities within digital media. He worked for the search engine AltaVista. Then, in the early 2000s, he accepted an executive position at Fox Interactive Media. As president, he had the important job of helping the company break out into the digital realm. He was extremely successful, and his ability to engage with digital technology made him a smart hire.

He took this experience and kept going. Over the next decade, Levinsohn was hired by a number of media companies to help with digital expansion. He worked at Tribune Publishing and oversaw the growth of the LA Times. At Guggenheim Digital Media, Levinsohn was responsible for the development of Billboard Magazine and The Hollywood Reporter. During an interim stint at Yahoo, Levinsohn’s crucial leadership provided stability, and Yahoo can attribute much of its success today to Levinsohn’s presence.

This is a proven track record that is almost unparalleled in the media industry. It clearly demonstrates that Ross Levinsohn is the perfect choice for the job.