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Direct selling is a model of business that offers opportunities that benefit entrepreneurs. Direct selling businesses eliminate intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers, reducing the cost of products while demanding increases. At the helm of direct selling in Asia is QNET availing essential life-changing products in a multi-faceted market.

The company provides solutions that positively impact consumers through cost-friendly products and propels entrepreneurial practices. QNET seeks to influence and pioneer the implementation of RYTHM enabling persons to have a virtuous start to realize their goals through high-tier products and enabling business opportunities. The Raise Yourself to Help Mankind creates an impactful wave of positivity globally that sequentially affecting commerce and businesses.

The India-based QNET facilitates ethical trade through its e-commerce platform. QNET has created a network of entrepreneurs who have embraced direct selling creating a source of livelihood from the platform. Affordable startup capital is required to get into direct selling. Thus, individuals can work towards more significant profit margins from the business model while availing authentic and legitimate high-quality products.

Through QNET direct selling, entrepreneurs from numerous global industries get opportunities to build a resourceful network of clientele for their products. The platform has significantly aided self-employment, created an income and livelihood for its partners, and cautioned the global economies amid the uncertain times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Direct selling creates multileveled benefits to the participants at play. As an initiative of the QNET, the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation seeks to give back to the company’s communities. This Philanthropic organization is passionate about charitable acts. The company also implores its employees to also support charitable deeds. QNET supports disadvantaged groups such as children with special needs. It is also involved in community well-being and development through socio-economic empowerment projects. The company has also diversified direct selling encompassing the global sports stage. Refer to this video on YouTube, for additional information.


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