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Despite being a businesswoman, Pam Baer has continuously played her role as a critical philanthropist. Since getting inspiration through the life-saving experience that her son overcame. She decided to join the said hospital through their San Francisco general Foundation to lend her hand—marking the milestone of her incredible selfless moves in helping the vulnerable in society. On the hospital board, she served as one of the directors before gaining a lifetime director’s title. A foundation that has geared towards raising lots of funds, especially for the patients.

Pam Baer has also joined hands with others through events to support the local artists, primarily through the Hearts in San Francisco. The project has achieved a lot for the well-skilled artists by selling sculptures and donating the fund. Pamela Baer founded For Goodness Sake, and her love for humanity has been witnessed inclusively to incorporate other marginalized areas.

The foundation created a unique mobile store with a solid foundation to support education and well-being services beneficial to society. The local talents of the artists would be enhanced as well the foundation kept on its toes through the sale of their beautifully made crafts.

Pam Baer has given herself effortlessly to work on more significant works through unity of collaboration. Through such, her tasks are also delegated to people who love what they do. Taking her course in marketing and finance at the university, Pamela Baer has also focused on businesses that on helping clients, small businesses. She stands tall among many women who have achieved globally through philanthropic activities.

Apart from giving to many charity organizations, she serves in other positions as a board member and is actively involved with women’s welfare today in different capacities. She lives with her husband, who is the CEO of SF Giants, and their four children. Refer to this article for more information.


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