How Richard Liu Moved from a Just Fine Physical Business to a Booming Online Store

Richard Liu, a.k.a Liu Quangdon is the man behind the now popular This is definitely among the largest ecommerce platform in china whose current worth sits at a hefty $57.6b. This tremendous popularity has given its founder and CEO, Mr. Liu great fortune with the Forbes Magazine putting his net worth in the over $11 billion range. He has sociology bachelors from the Renmiin University of China and an undisputed knack for business from a very young age.

His success didn’t come overnight. His entrepreneurial spirit budded when he was still a young and upcoming business man working on his father’s transportation business before he could join colleges. Once in college, his affinity for business drove him into starting a restaurant that almost immediately collapsed. This didn’t break his spirit. He went on to set up a retail business with a series of brick and mortar shops.

According to Richard Liu, his passion was the desire to provide money for his then ailing mother coupled with his strong disinterest in civil service. Some people aren’t just cut for employment. Liu Quangdon is one of them.

His shift to online retailing was during an outbreak of a respiratory system that pushed a good deal of people out of public spaces as they tried to avoid infection. Together with his store managers, they figure that taking business online will solve the problem of having to visit congested stores making it a win-win. This was the birth of

To make foothold in the already occupied market, Richard Liu decided to use honest business approaches instead of offering high priced goods and selling fake commodities to unsuspecting consumers like other companies did. Unknown to him, the honesty formed the basis of a strong business that is very much trusted by locals in China.

Richard Liu also insisted on shifting his inventory online one product at a time to give himself time to acclimate to the new environment without watering down customer experience. The whole migration took over six years and the exemplary service it offered users is the basis of the huge success it has become.

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Career Life And Achievements Of Ryan Seacrest

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest continues to make big waves in the media industry through his inventiveness. He is today a well-known and respected media personality. Ryan first acquired attention from people when he presented the famous singing competition show, the American Idol. He has taken part in hosting and co-hosting a vast number of other TV Shows, with the Live with Kelly and Ryan’s show being among them. He is today among the most successful media personalities in the country, and he has mentored other aspiring presenters to continue pursuing their dreams.

Many people perceive Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) to be a dedicated individual towards his career. Besides, he is never obtrusive when it comes to performing his tasks. He has thrived through the industry for many years, and through this, he has continued to perfect his skills in the latter. Ryan Seacrest also uses the media industry to bring insight to other people and share with his fans on the various ways they can make their lives meaningful and better than they are.

The renowned TV Host also runs the On Air with Ryan show that seeks to bring people together. Besides, he has gained interest in the field of business, and as a result, he has established a vast number of investments. He majorly focuses on skin care products and the field of fashion. Through the Ryan Seacrest Polish line, he helps men acquire a sense of belonging and acceptance by offering them a vast number of products to choose from. Both his skincare and fashion products are majorly designed for men. The media personality has learned and acquired a vast number of business and investment ideas from other experienced business people that have enabled him to make it in the industry. He collaborated with Dr. Lancer, a renowned dermatologist to develop his skincare products, which are specially designed to cater to the skin needs of all men, regardless of their skin types. Additionally, the various types of clothes that he designs for men are of high quality with a low price tag that gives every man a chance to look elegant and classy. Follow Ryan Seacrest on Twitter.

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Fortress Investment Group Sold in Mammoth Deal

Financial titans Fortress Investment Group and SoftBank Group have recently announced an agreement in which SoftBank will acquire Fortress for $3.3 billion.

Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest alternative asset managers in the entire world, which as of September 2016 had over $70 billion is assets under its management. Fortress has over 1,750 clients and private investors across the globe in a diverse field of credit, real estate, private equity, and traditional asset management.

A global technology company, SoftBank Group consists of a suite of global companies within its portfolio, including smart robotics, clean energy, AI and advanced telecommunications. The move to get Fortress Investment Group is not its only bold move of late, as it acquired ARM Holdings, PLC, a leading semiconductor IP firm, in 2016. That deal was another blockbuster coming in at $32 billion. Earlier, in 2013, they gained control of Sprint.

The boldness that SoftBank displays is an extension of its leadership, run by Masayoshi Son. The terms of this deal give an unusual amount of autonomy to Fortress Investment Group, which will continue to run with leadership intact, led by Pete Briger, Randy Nardone and Wes Edens. Son has committed his company to allow Fortress to keep its brand and business model.

Alternative asset managers such as Fortress Investment Group have become sought after because their model encourages higher fees and typically requires a longer-term investment from their backers. This is likely because of the increasing popularity of index-tracking funds which are low-cost, which drives down revenue at more traditional money management institutions.

Under the terms of the deal, all the Class A shareholders at Fortress will receive $8.08 a share, which was 38.6% above the price of the stock at the time of the deal. Each Class of these shareholders will also receive quarterly dividends not more than $0.09 for each Class A share. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

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OSI Group Grows After Their Agreement With McDonald’s

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership is one that helped OSI group grow from a small butcher’s shop into a much larger supplier of food. The company is so old that they grew through the depression and war years of America, and they came out on the other side as a food supplier who began working with the expanding McDonald’s corporation. Take a look at what happened when they began working with this brand.

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  1. The OSI Group McDonalds Partnership

The OSI Group McDonalds partnership made this company one of the largest providers of food in the whole world, and they began to grow with McDonald’s as this company began to grow. They were able to build out their operations because much of the work they did with McDonald’s gave them the funds that they needed to grow. Because of this, they were able to use that money to get better.

  1. They Grew Worldwide

OSI Group has grown worldwide because of their relationship with McDonald’s, and they have tried to help make all their deliveries more local. They are expanding their operations because they know that they need to reach more customers, and they are purchasing plants that allow them to deliver much faster to their customers. They want to make a local delivery to a client that will receive fresher food, and they were doing this around the world because it is changing the way people perceive food service purchasing.

  1. How Does The Order Process Work?

The order process is all handled online, and there are many people who will find that they can make a menu and order online without any trouble. They can save money because OSI Group has dropped their prices, and they make sure that they can pass on all their savings to their customers.

  1. Conclusion

There are a lot of people who use OSI now because they are aware of the OSI Group McDonalds partnership. This is a very easy way for a company to order their food, and this company also helps people like churches, schools, and hospitals with their food purchases.



How Waiakea Volcanic Water Company Is Setting The Pace

With water companies popping up from every corner, it’s an understatement to say the competition in the water industry is fierce. That’s because; one glance at the bottled water section in a supermarket proves that it is much more than that. Even though water companies do their best to raise the bar by changing their bottle designs, lowering their prices or even adding catchy descriptions on their bottles, the competition remains high.


However, despite the high rivalry rates in this arena, one company by the name Waiakea Volcanic Water Company has managed to remain at the top for quite a long time now, and is showing no signs of coming down anytime soon. What is the secret ingredient behind its success? Well, according to an article posted on Affiliate dork, there are a number of things which have contributed significantly to the firm’s success.


Hawaiian Volcanic Water


Despite having some factors which contribute to the success of Waiakea water, the first reason why the firm has been ruling the bottled water section is due to the fact that it is made in Hawaii. For some reason, the world has always perceived Hawaii, as the home of all natural and good things, and Waiakea being a Hawaiian name that means broad waters, not only incorporates the culture of this beautiful country into the water, but also acts as sufficient proof to customers who love buying Hawaii.


However, it’s not just about the name or origin, it is also about the filtering process that the company uses and where it gets its water. By drinking a bottle of Waiakea water, consumers enjoy the most natural drink ever as it is filtered through a 14000 feet porous volcanic rock at the heart of the Mauna Loa Volcano without any additives or preservatives.


Besides being the most natural bottled water ever, Waiakea Volcanic Water Company strives to take care of the environment, and is the only company that uses a fully degradable water bottle. In other words, the company is setting the pace in raising environmental awareness for other firms in the water industry by making it possible for consumers to throw away their bottles, after they are done, without worrying about Mother Nature.

Where OSI Industries Is Going Now In Australia

Exploring new ways to get to know their customers and innovating new food products is what OSI Industries continues to do, and now they’ll be adding customized meat food products that Australians love to their portfolio. That’s because they’re now forming a new venture with Turi Foods known as Turosi which will be serving the Victoria and New South Wales regions of Australia. Turi Foods has been the owner of the La Ionica, Bannockburn, and Golden Farms food brands and now their output will be even larger with joint funding from OSI. Their presence in the south Pacific region has already been growing with the completion of a new plant just last year in the Philippines under the auspices of GenOSI.

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OSI Industries has been around for more than 100 years though they were just a butcher shop when they were founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. They were quite adept at making different prepared beef and poultry products, and as Otto Kolschowsky’s sons took over the business in the 1950s, they made a deal with their first big client, McDonald’s restaurants. The restaurant chain was just in its startup phase at this time, buy they believed with the Otto & Sons meat products supplied to them at their various locations, they could become very successful. As McDonald’s grew, Otto & Sons realized they would need to do the same, so with the help of a new partner owner in former investment banker Sheldon Lavin, they began acquiring financing that allowed them to build large output meat plants across the US and eventually overseas. They became known as OSI Industries in 1975.

OSI Industries not only has been able to generate a large output of meat over the years; they’ve also been able to keep their factories safe. By implementing different work routines and using advanced meat cutting and heating tools, they’ve been able to greatly minimize the risks of employee injuries. They were given the Globe of Honor award for this accomplishment in their UK facilities by the British Safety Council in 2016. They also have had some of their executives honored for community service work at the North American Meat Institute.


Jacob Gottlieb Planning to Re-Enter the Investment Field after a Short Break

Jacob Gottlieb is amongst the most successful investment managers in the United States and was the founder of the Visium Asset Management that went on to manage assets worth $8 billion under his leadership. The investment and healthcare expert has made a lot of money from his ability and his skills to look through the market trends and provide his fund in the right direction to grow. It is for this reason the healthcare fund that he started went on to become one of the biggest and the most successful health care fund in the market.

Jacob Gottlieb, however, had to go through a bad phase when his company Visium Asset Management was surrounded by the controversy involving insider trading by some of the company’s portfolio managers. It eventually led to the closure of his company and liquidating of his fund and the company. It didn’t break his resolve though to stay close to the finance and investment industry and in a recent interview, even hinted that he might make a comeback soon. Many experts in the industry believe that the break he took after the closure of his company was the time he took to liquidate the company and is now free to devote considerable portion of his time to take his family asset management firm named Altium Capital to the level of Visium Asset Management in a matter of few years.

Jacob Gottlieb has proved again that there is nothing that can stop him from being successful. He is set to make a comeback and hoping it to be a strong one. He believes that one should not let a setback stop them from achieving their dreams and it is time for him to rise above the problems and do what is right for him and his family.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: More Genuine & Expected Results Through The Use of Technology

The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas is proud to feature Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, board certified plastic surgeon, as a member of their group. Dr. Jejurikar features exceptional proficiency in cosmetic procedures affecting the breasts, nose, eyes, face, and other aspects of the body.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar utilizes the cutting-edge technology of Crisalix 3D Imaging System to give each patient a highly personalized view of how the results of their plastic surgery will alter their image. The simulation created by the Crisalix 3D Imaging System assists potential surgical patients in getting a true sense of what they would personally look like following each different procedure. It works for facial alterations as well as surgical body modifications.

As a client is attempting to determine which cosmetic surgery procedure might look best on him or her personally, the aide of the 3D Imaging can create an answer to that question with greater depth than ever before. Dr. Jejurikar would load your image into the machine and then have a direct comparison to tweak details until he fully understands what would make the client most happy.

Breast augmentations, for example, can be seen in different sizes, a variety of shapes, and projections of the implants will be shown directly on the image of your body with a fairly high degree of accuracy. In terms of facial features, a candidate for a rhinoplasty would be able to view hypothetical alterations as their nose elongated, then grew shorter, as a few bumps were smoothed, or as the bridge was slightly narrowed. Other sorts of cosmetic procedures, Botox and lip augmentation are given their chance in the Crisalix 3D to demonstrate how one might appear without wrinkles or how larger, more defined lips might look.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar takes his time with his patients to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the benefits and risks of the surgeries they are receiving, and he manages their expectations to best ensure a well-informed, happy clientele. In fact, patients and colleagues alike have expressed how his inner warmth and sensitivity flows through into the mastery of his art.

The Life and Successes of Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian worked as the Executive Vice President of Research and Development of Health Diagnostics LLC. He was also the founder, president and chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostic. His work was to guide the company through acquisition by Health Diagnostics in 2007. He also founded Embion/ ProviderLinks. His leadership skills have also been seen at PSS/World Medical where he had direct profit and loss responsibility for 11 distribution facilities, employing 400 people and representing $150 million annual revenues. He has also serves as an Executive Chairman of Pipeline Health Holdings LLC. Right now he is the Director of Evolute Consolidated Holdings Inc. when it comes to his studies; Ara Chackerian holds a degree in Marketing and Business Management from Florida State University.


Ara at the moment lives in San Francisco, California and has dedicated his career to connect technology and healthcare services. He also gave back to the community through taking care of the environment and training the youth so as to have skills to improve their lives. An example of his work is the Limonapa Teak in Nicaragua. Limonapa is concerned about unifying the environment through agricultural activities. For more details visit



Ara’s long time provider suggested we should come up with a treatment device for depression thus the transcranial magnetic stimulation. It also was due to the want to build an outpatient diagnostic radiology center. The research on the project left them with the knowledge that transcranial magnetic stimulation had the power to become a pillar in psychiatric care. Ara took a step to discuss this with Dr. Richard Bermudas understand the structural barrier of access. He realized that the reasons that lowered access to the medication were limited insurance cover policies, lack of professional technicians and the inability to work as both a clinician and to run the special group of people.


Ara wanted to make these services available to many people with the help and support of Dr. Richard. The vision for this project is to have a care delivery model that both the client and physician received what they had expected and also to make it their first option next time. You can visit their Facebook page for more.



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Marc Beer is planning to Eradicate Floor Disorders through Innovative Methods

Marc Beer is championing an organization that will play a critical role in eradicating floor disorders in the United States and other parts of the world. The experienced startup leader is currently working at Renovia Inc. as one of the co-founders of the medical technology company. His background shows that he has significantly worked with other medical and pharmaceutical organizations that are all geared towards eradicating and minimizing rare diseases. This means that he has the necessary experience and know-how to mitigate some of the critical challenges that face a significant number of medical institutions that are developing new drugs.


After working in a significant number of medical facilities and pharmaceutical institutions, it is clear that Marc has the technical expertise of how a company can develop and implement various policies that would help it to develop and commercialize particular drugs. It is worth noting that developing a drug to treat a specific disorder is not an easy task as it involves accumulating much knowledge while at the same time conducting thousands of diagnostic measures to determine the effectiveness of the drug. A drug must prove that it can be able to solve the challenges that individuals are experiencing without leaving a trace of side effects.


Marc is not only working to influence the development of his organization but is working to ensure that his company meets all the necessary regulatory needs that other bodies require drug manufacturing companies to comply. It is evident that a drug cannot be allowed for commercialization and marketing without meeting the necessary health standards. Food and Drug Administration is a regulatory body in the United States that measures the authenticity of drugs and other products that are produced by various organizations for human consumption. Currently, the agency has already approved for mass production and commercialization of Leva, one of the products being developed by Renovia Inc.


Like any other organization that is starting its operations, Renovia Inc. is facing severe financial challenges. The company intends to get funds that will be used in conducting diagnostic tests and other medical analysis so that it can develop drugs that will have a direct positive impact on the floor disorders such as urinary inconsistency, a disease that is currently affecting more than 250 million women on a global scale.


However, all indications show that Renovia Inc. will be realizing its goals soon after Marc Beer performed what many business owners cannot do within a short period; raising $ 42 million. The experienced medical technology expert was able to raise $ 32 million from various organizations such as Missouri-based Ascension Ventures and Longwood Fund, which are some of the organizations that share the vision of Renovia Inc. the remaining $10 million was raised through a venture debt. Learn more :