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Some people have a gift when it comes to helping businesses get off the ground.

One such person is a man by the name of Luke Lazarus.

He knew the value of a good education and excelled in school.

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Many colleges from around the world tried to get him to enroll, but he wanted to stay in his beloved Australia.

He earned a degree from the Melbourne Business School.

He went on to earn a Master’s in Business Education.

This was the stepping stone that he needed in order to take his career to the next level.

When he was in his twenties he created and sold four businesses for millions of dollars.

He could have retired early.

That was not in the cards.

Luke Lazarus wanted to be his own man and stand on his two feet.

That is why he founded Luke Lazarus Consulting.

When he takes a client under his wing he will lay out a plan.

He is the type of person to look at the business plans, know where the flaws are, and take the time to fix them.

He is a person who will tell it like it is rather than how the owner wants it to be.

That is why he is such a hot commodity for many clients in Australia and around the world.

 Luke Lazarus loves the work that he does each day.

He has the talent to get new businesses up and running. He can take established businesses and make them better than they were before.

One of the things that make him such a success is that he meets with the client in person and talks about the plan going forward.

He can also change it if he needs to.

That is the way of the world of consulting.

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