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GCWMatthew Fleeger, business leader and president of Gulf Coast Western, joined Southern Methodist University, where he studied marketing and finance. After graduating, he ventured into business under the inspiration of his father. He skipped from one job to another for seven years. Matthew Fleeger was soon promoted to different Texas companies. Later, he founded the two companies that he managed successfully, and after some years, he chose to engage in the family-owned business, Gulf Coast Western.

Matthew Fleeger Dallas gained extensive knowledge from all previous management positions. Subsequently, he sold MedSolutions to Stericycle for $59 million in 2007. Selling his company meant he was ready to join the family business as president, which he holds to date. The Gulf Coast Firm was founded in 1970 by Fleeger’s father. The company by then was small and only served locals.

When Fleeger took over its management, he acquired the wealth of another company to expand. The company’s growth is not without hard work. Matthew Fleeger arrives at the office at 8:45 every morning, sometimes working late. He is passionate about innovation in the oil and gas industry and the industry’s opportunities for young people.

Matthew Fleeger Dallas has committed to grow the company around innovation, modernization and integrity. He said in an interview that he made mistakes which became a platform for learning. GCW focuses to develop, acquire and exploit energy resources in the Gulf Coast. Despite the challenges and uncertainties in the oil and gas industry, the company has achieved great success and has been in continuous operation for 40 years.


Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western has also made significant achievements through essential partnerships and joint ventures, thereby ensuring the sector’s continued growth. The Fleeger-led team has made vast firm’s contributions. He has established stable business relationships with other organizations and partners, mainly based on trust, transparency, and integrity.

Matthew Fleeger Dallas also showed a charitable gesture in his leadership. The Sadie Keller Foundation is the primary beneficiary, and the organization is determined to raise awareness about improving research and knowledge about childhood cancer. Gulf Coast also continues supporting many philanthropic sectors in the region.