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Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger Dallas is ranked among the top entrepreneurs in the United States who have achieved great success heights in business matters. Fleeger is a former student of the Southern Methodist University based in the United States, where he studied finance and marketing matters. Upon successfully completing his university education, he managed to secure an employment in one of the top finance companies in the country.

On the other side, his father had established the Gulf Coast Western, an oil and gas company in Dallas. The company was still in its fast growth stages, whereby his father was still setting up a foundation for the company. On most occasions, Fleeger used to take part in the company’s management, helping develop a good working platform for the general success of the company in the industry.

For more than ten years, Fleeger jumped from one institution to another following the experience he had earned in matters of finance and marketing. His expertise made him rise through different ranks, making him a profitable resource in the business industry. On the flip side, the Gulf Coast Western grew exponentially under the leadership of Fleeger’s father and secured a wide market within the Gulf Coast region.

Matthew Fleeger decided to establish his business after serving in the finance industry for several years. He formed MedSolutions, which is a medical waste management company that grew drastically. Fleeger managed to secure a desirable market for his business, making the company grow exponentially. After one decade, he sold it to a dedicated buyer at a price of $56 million and turned his concentration to the Gulf Coast Western.

Matthew Fleeger

During this time, his father was almost retiring, and he needed someone to take over the management of the business. Following the skills that Fleeger had earned both from school and in the field run9ng his company, he became the best suit to take over the business. In 2007, Matthew Fleeger Dallas was crowned as the president of the Gulf Coast Western and all its subsidiaries across the United States.

He managed to run the company and developed its brand from where his father left it. The company has grown to a multibillion-dollar business under the management of Fleeger.