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Kim Anami is an international award-winning sexuality and relationship expert, founder of Tantra to the People, and author. “I’m a full-time sexual health educator, sex coach, and speaker who helps people elevate their sex lives through education.”Kim currently resides in Australia. 

Kim Anami is a world-renowned expert in sex education, and many magazines and newspapers have interviewed her. TV shows, including The Daily Beast, HuffPost Live, AlterNet Radio, and Sex Out Loud Radio Show, and her work has been quoted in many publications.

She is known for her free monthly live webinars and workshops on various topics in sexuality. Her website offers workshops where people can learn at home, and all her written content is free. She has been featured in Newsweek China, Vice UK, and many sites in the United States.

Her website offers a variety of forums for discussion, including an online community where people connect anonymously. Based on the Kinkster Forum, which teaches and inspires open-minded conversations related to BDSM and other alternative sexualities, her website has become well known in this area. The site hosts many peer-reviewed research and academic articles about opening ourselves up to new sexuality. Her work focuses on safe sex, LGBT rights, masturbation, sexual expression, and the body—all of which are issues she addresses on her blog.

She is the author of “The Multi-Orgasmic Couple,” which sold out in three weeks and quickly became a bestseller on Amazon. She has been featured in publications, including “Salon Magazine” “And Self Magazine.” Her second book, “Multi-Orgasmic Woman,” was published in 2012, and her next book, “Overcoming Impotence and Premature Ejaculation,” is due April 1, 2017.

Kim Anami is a speaker for Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation as an expert on sexual addiction, who speaks at their Sexual Health Conferences every year. She has also appeared on the “Dr. Phil Show,” E! Entertainment, and MTV.

She has worked with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, teaching people how to transform their relationships with the body, sexuality, and orgasm into a vehicle toward self-discovery and higher consciousness. She works as an instructor for UCSF School of Nursing’s Sexual Health Certificate Program, teaching students about sexual health, polyamory, and sex as sacred.

Kim teaches classes at Tantra to the People in San Francisco, which include “Tantric Advanced Sexuality,” “Enlightened Orgasm,” “Awakened Sexuality—Ritual & Ceremony,” and her favorite, “Advanced Tantric Masturbation for Women. “

Kim’s work focuses on the sexual empowerment of women through knowledge. “We need to ensure that we are knowledgeable about our sexual health to control it.” Kim believes that sexuality is more than just sex; it’s about engaging your whole body and mind.”