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Migrating to remote working benefits both workers and employers. The world has benefited by and large. Remote work has eliminated the hassle of commuting and has driven many cars from roads. This reduces vehicle emissions and traffic accidents. Reducing office space can also reduce everything that comes with it, from electricity costs to paper consumption.

Although John Ritenour gave positive comments on remote work in general, he acknowledged that some challenges need to be overcome. Although the office is less distracting, many employees still face the challenge of protecting themselves from family and pet disturbances. To dedicate to working hours, remote workers must have their work areas and maintain clear boundaries with their families.

Another challenge is the sense of isolation that remote work may bring. It is very important to encourage virtual meetings and conduct team-building activities. When employees have no chance to gather in the office, such good things get lost. Positive work culture is important, and it may be more difficult to promote this culture when everyone works in a different location.

Fortunately, modern technology still has a long way to go in solving this problem. Tools such as video conferencing and inter-office chat applications can help employees feel connected. Technology can, however, be a double-edged sword. Usually, this makes telecommuting possible. Sometimes, the technology we rely on now does not work properly, so we need to be prepared for it, cautioned John Ritenour.

Even before the pandemic, many companies were forced to switch to remote work. Savvy business owners have long realized that remote work can have seriously positive effects. John Ritenour discusses many benefits in his blog, which means that the homework revolution will continue long even after the Covid challenge is over. John Ritenour is the founding member and business head of the Insurance Office of America. It is among the flourishing private insurance firms in the U.S.