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James Gutierrez believes being an entrepreneur should be more than just about making money. He thinks entrepreneurs have a responsibility to be social, ethical, and sustainable. He focuses the efforts of his team on innovative financial investing technologies with the inclusion of lending. His ventures have led him to leverage his finance experience and provide liquidity to underfinanced entrepreneurs with good ideas.

James Gutierrez is a Co-founder of Insikt Ventures, a million-dollar venture capital fund that focuses on startup or seed investments in consumer products and fintech. But this is not his first venture. In 2005 he was a founding partner of Progreso Financiero, now known as Oportun. The goal was to provide unsecured loans to customers will little to no credit history. Oportun has offered more than $1 billion in loans to more than 500,000 people since it began.

James Gutierrez also serves on the Board of Directors of several organizations and lends his advice and experience to several nonprofit organizations. He serves as Vice-Chair of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and has co-authored a bill that became federal and state law. These laws made affordable, safe loans available to people who had limited income.

James Guttierez is an accomplished investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who continually looks for small business opportunities where he can help others. He plans to extend his lending industry and provide financial wellness opportunities to marginalized nonprofit groups.

James Guttierez has always focused on bringing opportunity to the masses by including them in the opportunities of business and entrepreneurship. It is the backbone of his past, current and future efforts.

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