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Major League Baseball is expected to start its season in the next few weeks. However, the pandemic is not yet over in the country, with hundreds of people currently getting infected every day. This is a major problem that needs to be addressed immediately by the leaders in this industry because fans have a sense that they will be allowed back into the stadiums, which they have not been allowed to enter for more than a year.


Larry Baer is of the view that there are very many strategies that need to be incorporated if everything will work as expected. That is why the SF Giants CEO has been pushing the operations of the SF Giants to the limits when it comes to the issue of preparation. His aim is to make sure that the organization is prepared where necessary so that it can be able to welcome most of the fans back.


The Giants CEO is of the view that introducing a mask mandate is something that will help the stadium to push ahead with its operational requirements with ease and which will help it in having the fans back. Larry Baer is one of the supporters of the face mask mandate because it is a strategy that is very consistent with the policies and the restrictions that have already been introduced by the federal government.


Another area of importance that Larry Baer has been trying to influence has everything to do with making sure that such organizations are introducing all the necessary strategies that involve addressing social distance requirements among fans. It is a useful approach that will play a very central role in preventing some of the disease transmission that has already been seen in some of the stadiums and premises where the issue of social distancing is yet to be incorporated by the organization.


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