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Richard Liu is among the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the world. His brand identity is JD.Com. He was born and raised in Suqian, Jiangsu Province. Liu is a sociology degree holder from the People’s University of China.

While in college, he drew his motivation from the business platform that the internet would provide once it became popular; for this reason, he invested in gaining computer programming knowledge. The knowledge he gained on computer programming largely contributed to the success of his electronic stores. Further, it is this knowledge that assisted the transition of all his businesses from storefronts to the e-commerce giant brand that is now known as JD.Com. See related link to learn more.

The success Richard Liu continues to experience with has seen his net worth grow to 12.7 billion USD, an amount that continues to grow. Throughout his business, Qiangdong has always invested in partnerships as a result working with companies like Google. The success he has achieved in the Chinese e-commerce market has given him global recognition. The brand’s ways of operation and Amazon can be classified in the same category.

Richard Liu’s journey in business began in 1998 with a single storefront dealing in electronic products based in Beijing. By 2003, Liu Qiangdong had already grown the storefronts to 12. At the peak of his business growth and success, the SARS pandemic struck. He leveraged the growth of internet users to transition to an online business to save himself from closing his business.

The first time Liu sold products online was in 2004, and just like in his physical storefronts, he dealt with selling magneto-optical products on the online business. At the time, he traded by the name Jingdong, a name which he later changed to In 2013 he decided to change the name to, which has stuck with the company ever since.


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