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Did you know that operational expertise is critical to create the best for your portfolio? INC., recently announced its Founder-Friendly investor’s list for the third year in a row. Tnere were nine Hauser fund managers overall that deserved recognition, and they humbly received it.

The purpose of creating the final list is to recognize those firms that are reputable. These managers must also be trustworthy, and have the ability to retain their level of activity within the marketplace. It’s important that they do what is necessary to remain active and present among their peers, while helping clients accelerate their growth as well as their own.

Hauser Private Equity, founded by Mark Hauser couldn’t be more proud that this firm is getting such notoriety. Based in Cincinnati, Hauser Private Equity is working with those families that are considered to be in low and middle-class markets.

This is why Mark Hauser was intent on building solid, long-term relationships with other entrepreneurs and investors. These relationships with like-minded individuals are a key component of success. Having Co-investors is now a thriving business model that more entrepreneurs are following.

Mark Hauser was delighted when he was told that he was one of the top founder-friendly investors. Founders generally are not as eager to work with a wide array of families and income segments. This is what makes the difference between Hauser Private Equity and other investment firms.

The firm has been known to work with big names in the Cincinnati area such as Beacon Orthopedics, the home of Dr. Timothy Kremchek, and the Cincinnati Eye Institute.