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Hawkers started operating in 2013. At that time, the founding partners only had 300 dollars as capital and a dream of making it the best sunglasses manufacturer in the world. The company, just like many others, went through challenges during its formation. However, the partners hoped to make it succeed and tried all they could to attain that. They delivered high-quality and affordable sunglasses to their customers so that they could buy more than one pair and market them to their loved ones.

There was a time when the company was unable to produce as many items as were on demand. Customers had to wait for longer durations before their orders were supplied. That made it experience losses. Since its management feared that its customers would look for other reliable companies to purchase sunglasses from, it collaborated with other companies to improve the situation. However, the plan didn’t work.

That is when Alejandro Betancourt Lopez joined the firm to work as its president. Within a short time, he changed the company to the leading sunglasses manufacturer globally, thanks to his entrepreneurial and leadership expertise. For a long time now, Hawkers has been on the front line in producing and selling good-quality sunglasses that it sells to customers of different social classes at favorable prices.

The products have become popular among many people worldwide. That has largely contributed to a boost in the sales and success of the firm. Three years ago, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez made a huge investment for the growth of the company. The amount of money he injected into the firm transformed Alejandro Betancourt Lopez into the person with the most shares.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez brought in the idea of marketing and selling its sunglasses using social media, which has worked to its benefit. He ensures that the company’s financial status is good at all times to continue as it should. The skills and expertise he brought to the company enabled it to grow to what it boasts today. Most of the firm’s sales are facilitated online, even though it has over fifty physical shops worldwide.

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