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Everyone in the United States already knows that the financial sector has been structured to help those with sufficient funds at the expense of the middle class. The poor people and those who are looking to build wealth get any possible barrier on their way, which explains why some people have remained in poverty for very many years while others are not interested in looking for loans because they already know that they will not be getting such products.

James Gutierrez is not only observing the issue of financial disparity in the country on the surface. He has gone into many details and has discovered some essential aspects that have helped him to come up with an organization that will help in addressing most of the major financial problems that a huge number of people in the country have been experiencing. James Gutierrez indicates that the structures currently in place are very restrictive to the people of color in the country.

This means that the people of color have been getting some financial policies that are only focused on making sure that such individuals do not move out of poverty. That is why most of them have not been getting any form of financial support that can help them to become business owners who have the needed financial stability. James Gutierrez believes that most of the policies that have been developed by various financial organizations are very deliberate.

To address most of these problems, James Gutierrez has been doing everything necessary to help the neglected population in the country. This is the main reason why he has been starting a financial organization that addresses the plight of the people who have been finding it very hard to access considerable financial support from most of the banks across the country. James Gutierrez has been working hard to offer credit to people who have low credit scores to enhance their financial wellbeing.