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In 2015, the economic collapse of 2008 was still fresh in the memories of millions of Americans. In Baltimore, like most of the nation, the ability to bounce back to a healthy real estate sector seemed a long way off. The development of RPS Solutions in Baltimore, under the leadership of Kevin Seawright, brought a glimmer of hope to those who had felt home of their own was out of reach.

In 2006, Seawright graduated from Almeda University and set out on a career as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. Unlike other entrepreneurs, such as , Seawright developed his career in the Northeast. The skills needed for  to guide a startup to financial success are similar to those used by in building a startup for long-term success. Kevin Seawright has helped individuals in Baltimore live better lives as homeowners. During the pandemic, RPS Solutions, and Kevin Seawright were still intent on providing their clients with the ability to buy a new home.

From the first days of RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright has been able to provide support for the homebuyers of Baltimore and jobs for his employees. The goals of Kevin Seawright and  have converged at this point, with both entrepreneurs building the economy of the U.S. For Kevin Seawright, building the RPS Solutions to include five full-time employees is a sign of the impact he is having on the local community.

The City of Baltimore has benefitted from the work of Kevin Seawright because of his ability to regenerate areas that were seen as problematic by the local government. The arrival of first-time homebuyers in the Belvedere Square area shows how the city benefits from Seawright’s work. The quality of the homes purchased by the clients of RPS Solutions is of high quality and allows residents to feel at home as soon as they pick up their keys.