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Healthkeeperz is a Christian health service that has been in operation since 1966 and that provides hospice care, home medical equipment, and other home medical services. They now employer over 150 caregivers across North Carolina.

Their hospice care services are meant to provide both emotional and spiritual support to patients. Patients can expect to receive skilled nursing care. However, Healthkeeperz is also concerned with providing social work and volunteers who can assist patients and families who are a part of hospice care.


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Healthkeeperz delivers medical equipment to the homes of patients. By being able to have equipment in their homes, patients are able to remain independent and live with dignity. For example, patients can have hospital beds delivered to their homes.

In addition to medical equipment, medical services are provided to patients in their homes. For example, some patients need home health aides to help them with day-to-day activities and to receive medical care at home. Patients are also provided with emergency phone numbers they can call. More details are available on Instagram

The overall goal of Healthkeeperz is to provide an integrated healthcare solution that ensures that their patients have their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met.