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Haroldo Jacobovicz is a Brazilian entrepreneur and Founder of Horizons Telecom, a technology company and provider of information technology solutions. He is the owner of e-Governe Group and launched Horizons Datacenter in 2020 to enhance existing cloud and connectivity services provided to organizations and businesses. His leadership is spectacular and the root source of his company becoming one of the most reliable suppliers in the telecommunications industry in Brazil.

While Haroldo Jacobovicz was attending Federal University of Parana, he explored entrepreneurship. He and two friends co-founded Microsystem, an automated solution provider of inventory and management services in information technology. They stayed in business for one year in the 1980s, which was an opportunity for Jacobovicz to learn about IT.

After Haroldo Jacobovicz earned a civil engineering degree, he joined Esso, known now as Exxon, and served as a market analyst and the Head of Commercial Tactics. He worked in Rio de Janeiro for one year and six months, before moving back to his hometown of Curitiba to work for Itaipu Binational. Jacobovicz dedicated four years to the company and eventually returned to his passion to become a successful entrepreneur.

In 2010, Haroldo Jacobovicz started Horizons Telecom using a fiber network with 100 percent capacity and high-performance IT equipment. Three years later, he made an investment in the first Brazilian Hard Rock Cafe and sold his ownership interest in 2018. It gave him more venture capital to expand his company and start Horizons Datacenter last year.

Haroldo Jacobovicz learned about work ethics as a young boy growing up in Curitiba from his parents. They taught him the importance of receiving an education and was a huge influencer in his life. He has years of experience working for reputable companies, including Exxon and Itaipu Binational. His companies are bringing together exceptional talent and valued resources with its IT solutions.

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