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Gary McGaghey is the CFO of PWC and was recently featured in a piece on their website. The article discusses what he thinks of the future of finance and how technology will be an integral part of it. Gary has been quoted saying, “The world 2020+ is going to be unrecognizable from where we are today,” which shows that he anticipates significant changes in business over the next few years. Globalization, the sharing economy, and digital transformation are all trends that will shape finance in 2021. These changes should be embraced rather than resisted because they open up new business opportunities. Read more

The future of accounting is looking bright! Gary believes that CFO’s need to focus on driving value creation while also staying ahead of technology advancements by leveraging their teams and tools. This is all possible if finance leaders are willing to take risks and explore new opportunities. Finance is in a unique position to drive business value and growth due to technology and globalization.

Gary also talks about the importance of continuous learning and how it is essential to use data as a tool. He states that teams should be driven by decisions rather than number crunching, which means leveraging insights from technology for better decisions instead of just reporting on numbers. Gary has taken this approach in his career because he was recently named CFO of PWC! This article provides some great insight into what finance will look like five years from now. The future looks bright for those willing to take risks and adapt to changing times.