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Most often when we are grieved, we typically need a person who can walk with us throughout the grieving and healing process. However, in the current dispensation, most people offer their endless support until the interment ceremony. Eterneva Company has realized that the family needs extensive support on how to cope with the painful loss of their loved ones and life thereafter. The company was established with the core mandate of giving people enhanced choices to eternalize the loss and make sure that amazing people are never forgotten. Related article read here.

With the current pandemic where social gatherings have been prohibited, the company has incorporated the digital world into its core business. The company has come up with ways of how people can mourn their loved ones digitally without the prohibited physical meetings. It has been keenly noted there is a certain relief and inner peace that is exhibited when one mourns their loved one. The company comes in handy to make sure that friends and relatives achieve this paramount feeling. To remain competitive in the vastly growing industry, the company with the help of its CEO Adelle Archer has appointed some of the prolific people in the industry. The company has appointed Rob Kranenburg as the Vice President in the operations department and David Sweet will be the Vice President in the marketing department.

It is believed that the appointment of these two people into the Eterneva Company, will help the company register a significant number of clients and growth. This is because it is believed that the two have vast and commendable experience in the grieving and wellness industry. The two with the help of its co-founder will, however, make sure that the company is fully incorporated into the fastest evolving technology world as the initial step to upscale the business.

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