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The business world has been experiencing an increase in the need for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. In support of this move, CARROLL CEO and founder Michael Patrick Carroll Tampa has recently joined the CEO Pledge in support of inclusion and diversity. The Pledge is an initiative designed to sensitize the business community on the need to adopt diversity and inclusivity in workplaces.

According to statistics, a significant number of people in the working group in the United States are getting by with either visible or invisible disabilities. The CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion is designed to bring business executives from large businesses and corporations, and global organizations to leverage their collective and individual voices in an effort to create awareness on inclusion and diversity at work.

  1. Patrick Carroll, a renowned investor in the real estate industry and the founder of CARROLL, has built his entire company on proactive management, sub-market selection, and redevelopment with a portfolio covering various family property investments. Michael Patrick Carroll attributes his success largely to his efforts in integrating inclusivity and diversity in his business model. By joining the CEO Pledge, Michael is setting a precedence for other business leaders on how future business can be conducted.
  2. Patrick Carroll has since joined the ranks of more than 2000 CEOs and over 13 million employees in over eighty-five industries all over the United States. Members within this coalition can freely share information, come up with ideas and develop programs that support inclusivity. CEOs joining the initiative are subject to a pledge that commits them to create a conducive work environment where employees can share ideas, feel at ease and, more importantly, feel empowered to discuss diversity and inclusivity without being victimized.

These pledges include,

  • A pledge to create a trusting space where employees can have conversations on diversity.
  • A pledge to adopt and promote unbiased education.
  • A promise to develop and share diversity and inclusive ideas with the directors.
  • A promise to share both successful and unsuccessful practices.

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